Showing off (just a little!)

Happy Mother’s Day to all our yummy mummy readers.  We are coming out of blogging hibernation to welcome Spring and the busy season that lies ahead.  Time is marching on pretty quickly around here and it’s getting pretty exciting thinking about the next few months- weddings aplenty!

Please, please, please go out and buy the wonderful new issue of You and Your Wedding magazine this week.  We are thrilled to have one of our fave couples, Valerie and Matt splashed across the pages!  Thank you so much to the magazine team for having us- what an honour.

How gorgeous does this London do look!?!  (P.s- If any brides- to- be are wedding dress shopping, Valerie is selling her dress.  Sooooo pretty.)

RW VALERIE[4] jpeg


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A brand new year and a sausage sandwich engagement…

A huge Happy New Year to you all!  We are slowly recovering from a chaotic Olliver Christmas (photos to come!) and looking forward to a fresh, brand-spanking new year.  Our resolutions have been promised, including Lilly-May’s for the first time, (she is trying to be less grumpy in the mornings! he he!) and we are raring to go with lots of new adventures planned.  We’re especially looking forward to the launch of our new website- coming soon- and hopefully some exciting family news.

Reflecting on the last year is breathtaking- a year full of the twists and turns of family and work life.  Finding the balance has been increasingly difficult, as we’ve had our busiest year to date and our dynamics have changed considerably.  Our big baby is now a grown-up schoolgirl and our little baby is a real walking, talking person-  Crazy!  We’re now East Londoners with a little more space but a little more distance from friends.  The move has been fantastic but not as easy as expected.

This past year we’ve welcomed some new wonderful little people into our life, watched friends get married and engaged to be, watched families get bigger, bumps grow, friends return home and some embark on adventures abroad.  2013 you’ve been exciting and challenging.  2014…we’re ready for you! xxx

And to start you off- what better way than to share my favourite engagement story for aaaaaaaages- Yes, the lovely Caroline did propose to her gorgeous beau Westy by writing the BIG question in tomato ketchup on a sausage sandwich!  It doesn’t get much cooler than that in my book, and it’s only logical that Christian join them for a stroll and Sunday brunch…

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